I Love Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium — Atlanta’s newest tourist attraction, it’s the largest aquarium in the world, containing more than 100,000 animals from 500 species, living in more than eight million gallons of fresh and salt water. It’s in the heart of downtown, 225 Baker St, near CNN and in the Olympic Centennial Park. 404-581-5000

Website… http://www.Georgiaaquarium.org/

Stone Mountain Park (Stone Mountain) — It’s the world’s largest natural chunk of granite sticking out of the ground, and it has on one side a huge carving of Civil War heroes (all Southerners, probably not by coincidence). You can ride to the top by skyway, or you can climb. Or you can ride around it on a train or on the nearby human-made lake on a “steamboat.” You can camp there or park your RV. There’s an antebellum plantation to visit, and a game ranch with petting farm, and a 19th century faux village. Their laser show is famous, and they have occasional festivals of one sort or another. 770-498-5600

Website… http://www.stonemountainpark.com

Underground Atlanta — It’s really sort of a mall, with over 100 retailers of one sort or another, restaurants and music joints and night clubs, all down there where Atlanta began before they decided at the turn of the century to build over the railroad tracks so traffic wouldn’t stay constantly backed up. (If you visit, don’t forget there’s the World of Coke right across the way.) Peachtree & Alabama Streets. 404-523-2311.

Website… http://underground-atlanta.com/

The World of Coca-Cola — Located next to Underground Atlanta, the museum traces the history of the Atlanta beverage through memorabilia and film. 55 Martin Luther King Jr Dr. 404-676-5151 or 800-676-COKE.

Website… http://www.woccatlanta.com/