I Love Atlanta

Fernbank Museum of Natural History — It’s the largest museum in town, with its atrium home to the skeleton of the largest dinosaur ever classified (123 feet long and 100 tons), being stalked by the largest meat-eater ever classified (47 feet long, between 8 and 10 tons.) The museum also houses a huge-screen IMAX theater that shows nature-related films. The “A Walk Through Time In Georgia” permanent exhibit escorts you through the development of the state. 767 Clifton Rd NE. 404-370-0960; IMAX info: 404-370-0019.

Website… http://www.fernbank.edu/museum/

Fernbank Science Center (Forest & Planetarium) — The planetarium, the largest in the southeast, is open to the public on Thursday and Friday non-cloudy evenings, and on Saturday mornings, (no one under 5 years admitted), there’s a regular program that explains what the sky will look like that night. There’s also a forest preserve. 156 Heaton Park Dr NE. 678-874-7102.